DYNAMIN, present on the market ever since 1954, boasts over 40 years of materials experience.
We have always monitored the evolution of explosion-proof materials and searched only for "the best".
This approach has gradually helped us to improve our technical know-how and convinced us to consider cast iron superior in respect to light alloys and employ it without any regrets or exceptions, for the manufacture of housings and accessories for explosion-proof appliances.

The type of cast iron employed by DYNAMIN is UNI/ISO 185 (ex G20 UNI 5007) that has a minimum tensile strength of 196 N/mm 2 . It is subjected to zinc electroplating surface treatment and chrome finishing in accordance with ISO 2081 (ex UNI 4721).
The surface roughness of cast iron is particularly suitable for further surface treatment such as painting, plastic covering etc.

The most appealing qualities of cast iron are:

  • Material with the highest yield to ultimate rupture strength ratio
  • High deformation resistance both at low and high temperature
  • Excellent resistance and high surface hardness that protects flameproof joints from accidental damages
  • Increase in resilience as ageing progresses (due to the natural stabilisation of Fe-C lattice structure)
  • High corrosion resistance when properly surface treated
  • No risk of seizure between threaded coupled parts
  • Ease of separation and disassembly of parts even in the most aggressive environmental conditions

DYNAMIN is not the sole company which employs this type of material in fact an increasing number of famous national and international companies have also acknowledged the effectiveness of cast iron and have introduced this material too.
Cast iron has helped to solve the very serious problem of corrosion, especially caused by machining chemicals and salty-corrosive environments, where light alloys are renowned to fail in time.

Unfortunately cast iron has the following drawbacks:

  • It is heavier in respect to light alloys
  • It has higher production costs due to expensive casting systems and machining processes.

In spite of these drawbacks DYNAMIN is still very competitive and can offset the higher costs by ensuring a very high quality production output. This is possible because DYNAMIN leverages the most modern and up-to-date high technology solutions.
Despite the choice of cast iron as main raw material, other materials such as light alloys and stainless steel are available on request.