Company Profile

DYNAMIN, present in the field of safety materials ever since 1954, designs and manufactures "explosion-proof" items.

Its production includes both standard and special materials meant for the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, mining industry and for any environment considered as potentially hazardous and/or explosive .
Thanks to its wide experience built-up over the years and its capacity to learn new skills and competencies DYNAMIN is capable to manufacture a wide range of products which can satisfy different needs related to all explosive categories ( ZONE 0, 1, 2 ) and are in accordance with the European regulations ( ATEX - 94/9/CE ).
Great attention is also given to quality control which represents one of the main company's characteristic in order to grant very competitive performances in this field

Dynamin has introduced over the past years a Quality Management System (QMS), which has been certified, updated and adjusted according with the ISO 9001:2000 Regulation and during 2001 has obtained ATEX notification from CESI (notified body n. 0722).
Raw materials are carefully checked upon their arrival, during the working phase and are finally tested within the factory in accordance with the reference regulations.

The range of production includes:

Thanks also to its high technical know-how and production flexibility, DYNAMIN is capable to project and realise any kind of product in accordance with customer needs and is therefore considered as one of the best by many Italian and Foreign companies.